Of Light and Love

There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets inLeonard Cohen sang in his Anthem. Before him, it was Hemingway who spoke of what seemingly is a “break” on what we know and how we function, and Rumi even further in the past, delving into the deep intimacy and affirmation times of challenge can bring to the world.

Wedding planner Christina Lazopoulou of Vintage Weddings & Events tackled the theme of breaks, light and love with this editorial. With a lot of passion and sense for style and aesthetics, she implemented her visions in impressive details.

Photographer Aristotelis Fakiolas accompanied the dedicated wedding planner and her team to breathe life into these luminous inspirations.

From Christina Lazopoulou of Vintage Weddings & Events: “This styled shoot was conceived musing on these words, their significance, and allusion to what has been deemed as unprecedented times. Mid-lockdown, and before hospitality and destination wedding services became accessible again in our country, our team set off on a quest to seek out the light between the cracks, a means to create something utterly charming in the most minimalist means possible, and a way to translate a story of heritage, into one of organic beauty and oh-so-delicate love.

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